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Infection Control

Colds, coughing, and sneezing present one of the most significant health challenges for everyone. To stop the spread of communicable diseases and infections, Home Health Solutions carries a wide array of products. Our infection control products will help to significantly reduce the risk of spreading sickness as well as aid you in providing quality care and protection.

  • Citrus II Cleaning & Care

  • Protective Gear

  • Protective Gloves

  • Protective Masks

  • CPAP Cleaning Device

  • Antimicrobial Underpads

  • Instant Hand Antiseptic Gel
  • Germicidal Deodorizing Surface Wipes
  • Antimicrobial Washable Underpads
  • Germicidal Deodorizing Surface Cleaner
  • CPAP Mask Wipes
  • CPAP Mask Cleaner
  • CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing System
  • Antibacterial Hand Soap