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Shoe Care Instructions

Break-In Period for Shoes with Heat Molded or Custom Inserts

In order to ensure that your shoes become a functioning extension of your pedorthic medical care, please follow these instructions.

  1. When you arrive home, place your new shoes (with inserts in them) on your feet (with socks) and wear them for 30 to 60 minutes- only on carpeting at first.
  2. Remove your shoes and socks to look for any areas of redness on your foot (ask a family member for assistance, if necessary).
  3. Once you have verified that the shoes do not rub your skin (absence of redness), wear your shoes around your home for a day or two; check again for redness.
  4. Once you (or your family member) have verified that you are not having problems with these new shoes, you are ready to wear them outside the home.
  5. Remember, even after this break-in period, you should always check your shoes and feet each day- looking for anything out of the ordinary.

The therapeutic shoe bill provides for a pair of shoes and three pairs of inserts in one calendar year. The maximum lifespan of these inserts is about 4 months. Please remove each insert as instructed every 4 months (mark your calendar now) and replace it with the other inserts provided. If used properly 3 pairs of inserts should last one year.

Care of the Shoes (Leather)
  1. Clean your shoes regularly - this will give life back to the leather!
  2. If your shoes are dirty, we suggest that you first clean them with a damp cloth to get them ready for an application of shoe crème.
  3. Use a cleaning and conditioning crème for the leather shoes. This crème will keep the leather clean and supple. Leather crèmes can be found at any drug, shoe, or grocery store.
  4. Simply apply the crème with a dry cloth and work it into the leather. Buff and brush out to provide a fresh finish. If needed, a colored shoe crème can also be used.
Care of the Shoes (Nubuck)
  1. This material can be cleaned by using a small suede brush to work away the dirt.
  2. Also, there are sprays designed to refurbish suede or nubuck materials. Try the spray in a small area first to test for any discoloration.
  3. Do not immerse the nubuck in water. Shoe polish should not be used.
Care of the Shoes (Lycra)
  1. Never put this shoe in the washing machine.
  2. We suggest using any fabric protector on this material to help retard the dirt.
  3. Spray the shoes with a fabric protector before wearing them regularly.
  4. If the shoes do get soiled, use a small amount of soap and water - or a small amount of Woolite and water to remove the dirt (especially on the beige).
  5. Try a baby wipe! (works great if the shoe has first been sprayed with a fabric protector)


Please call 1-866-366-7599 to order replacement inserts or new shoes.

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