Emergency Procedures

In case of emergency, get medical help quickly: Dial 911
  • Give the location of the emergency (full address if known)
  • Clearly explain what the emergency is
  • Give names of the person and people involved
  • Don’t hang up
Be prepared for emergencies:
  • Refill medication renewals promptly to ensure you have adequate supplies on hand.
  • Be sure you have an emergency back-up source/supply for any medical equipment requiring electricity.
  • Always keep a list of emergency telephone numbers available, including your medical equipment supplier.
  • Have someone such as a family member or neighbor who will check on you if an emergency situation occurs.
  • Determine an evacuation route and alternatives.
  • Arrange for a friend or relative in another town to be a communication contact for the extended family.
  • Make a habit to listen to daily weather forecasts. Be aware of changing conditions.
  • Find out where the main utility switches are in your home and assign someone to turn them off in an emergency situation.
  • Have a flashlight and extra batteries nearby for power outages. Keep extra blankets available in case the power goes out.
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