CPAP/BiPAP Compliance

We here at Home Health Solutions greatly appreciate the opportunity to service you with your CPAP/BIPAP needs!

As you know, most insurances have certain criteria that you, the patient, must meet in order for them to cover medical equipment.

* Most insurances specifically require that you use your CPAP/BIPAP 4 hours or more per night for at least 21 days per month.

* Most insurances then require us to submit an actual usage download off of your equipment in addition to having a follow up visit with your physician between the 30th-90th days of rental to show patient compliance.

* If your insurance determines qualifications have not been met, you will be responsible for payment of your CPAP/BiPAP equipment. You will also have the option to return this equipment to prevent future billing.

Please call 1-866-366-7599 to order replacement CPAP/BiPAP supplies.

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