How to Fill Portable Tanks

  • Turn on the concentrator (bottom unit). If already on, it is ready to go. **Unit must be on 3 lpm or under to fill a tank.**
  • On the homefill (top unit) make sure the silver sleeve is down and the green dots are visible.
  • Place the portable tank in the cradle. Match up the gold on the tank to the gold on the homefill (top unit). Press down to click the tank in.
  • Turn on the homefill (top unit). You will see an orange light for approximately 5 min while unit warms up. Unit will automatically switch to filling.
  • When your tank is full, (times may vary) the full light (green) will be on. When full, turn off the homefill (top unit).

To remove your portable tank from the homefill, hold down on the silver ring and lift the tank out.

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